Outdoor Speakers Monitor Audio Bronze BX6


Almost all models of AC younger “metallic” series Monitor Audio procession marched through the pages of our magazine in late 2010, as a pair, and theatrical sets, collecting along the way bountiful harvest of stars and awards. And only the flagship, Bronze VH6 remained outside until our attention.

Good looks and clever design

And these speakers in our listening room. Their appearance, they immediately produce a very good impression. Finish vinyl film made carefully and looks almost as expensive natural veneer. Since the emitters are not fixed on the front side of the body, the front you will not see a single screw head that still raises the aesthetic qualities of the AU. Pedestal of MDF adds solidity and stability, but on closer inspection a few issues VH6 belonging to the budget segment. Unlike most modern speaker housings their rear faces made of a material of different type and color.

Columns are designed for 2.5-way circuit with acoustic reflex design; one output port on the front panel, and the second is located at the rear. Corporate material C-CAM (aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic coating) is used in the manufacture of the membranes of all four speakers: 16.5-inch midrange and bass-heads and inch tweeter. Golden color is due to the last anodizing these noble metal; as befits jewelry, it is protected by a non-removable metal grid, which is also likely to contribute to create sounds.

In his circle

Bronze BX6 did not require much effort to install and played quite balanced, at a distance of a little less than a meter from the back wall and being slightly turned inward. If they move closer, markedly increases the amount of bass for some failure of the middle; it is worth bearing in mind those whose room is spacious enough for these speakers.

Speakers very well demonstrated in our reference system, demonstrating the existence of his considerable talent, but really pleasant, natural and exciting their sound is the replacement of our two-component amplifier baby TEAS AX-501, more suitable to them for the price. Perhaps, in the first embodiment the signal is too saturated with those nuances that VH6 not quite on the shoulder.

Balance of excellent quality

But in general, it is the detail, to pursue all of melodic lines and multi-layered musical space should be named the hallmarks of sound these speakers. In this price range there are not many examples of speakers capable as accurate, fast, big and emotionally to play symphonic works, such as, for example, SACD Moussorgsky. Pictures at an Exhibition. Valery Gergiev. Wiener Philharmoniker. Note also the excellent microdynamics allowing effortless hear subtle interweaving quiet voices tools in the final “Night on Bald Mountain”.

Usually it is difficult to break away from the listening expensive components with outstanding ability, but also with Bronze VH6 is very attractive. Placing the disc J’ai deux Amours, Dee Dee Bridgewater, to evaluate their work with vocals, we scrolled more tracks than you intended: the voice of the singer alive, warm and sensual, instrumental accompaniment – a rhythmic, saturated, air; deep bass, texture and energetic. Speakers quite successfully cope with the supply of hard rock band Deep Purple on SACD Machine Head: Party soloist diversity of compositions, their drive – all recreated convincingly.

The older model series of Monitor Audio Bronze is just as good as the others we tested earlier AC line. If you need a more ambitious sound, it is suggested to look for them. For this price, you can hardly find a column with a balance of excellent quality.


In detail

The internal volume of the housing is divided into sections; one of the reflex port (1) is located at the very top. Technology HiVe II, applied it, to speed up the movement of air, thereby making it faster bass, and reduce turbulence, generating noise. In it you can see the depth of the wall with a special camera accurately calculated damping, which is loaded tweeter.

Heads of bolts with which speakers are attached to the rear panel (2). This method is used in other branded series, for example in the title Gold GX. Thanks to him, not only is more elegant front panel, but also reduces vibration in it by improving the acoustic isolation with speakers that enhances transparency and detailed sound.

Terminal block for dual-cable connection is decorated very tastefully (3).

Balanced, multifaceted, spatial and detailed sound; genre versatility; good looks and quality finishes; price
Nothing significant
For the money one can hardly find other columns with a set of excellent properties

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