Outdoor Speakers PMC Twenty 23


Alongside other speakers in this price range Twenty 23 look quite compact. Slender two-way Napolnikov seems can fit entirely into the body of what some of larger competitors. Meanwhile, they are able to teach the last couple of good lessons.

Of course, by virtue of the laws of physics narrow body with a 14-cm midrange / woofer and tweeter inch is not capable of tremendous volume and depth of bass.

Nevertheless, the combination of high-quality midrange / bass radiator with a diffuser of impregnated paper and corporate acoustic design – transmission lines PMC – significantly strengthens the position of Twenty 23 in both respects.

In our listening room with dimensions of 5,5 x 4,5 meters us quite enough volume. Perhaps Design Twenty 23 less reflects their status price than the Tannoy Precision 6.4, and the power and scale of the sound they concede SVS Ultra Tower, but they are perfectly balanced.

Dynamics and fascination

Fast guitar intro to the Elephant group Them Crooked Vultures shows the pressure and sharpness, but at the same tonal balance and finesse. All notes are clearly designed, well designed high-frequency, rhythm is not satisfactory. Even when the arrangement becomes more complex, each tool knows his place.

Dynamics in Twenty 23 is also very good; all the peaks and troughs clearly audible from beginning to end; quiet moments turn into loud and vice versa, and it all sounds accurately and organically. The music scene – a large and focused.

Powerful bass compact speaker

Vocals – eg Clown Emily Sunde – emphasizes the depth and clarity of the average range PMC. They reveal a lot of detail and fully convey the emotions inherent in the song.

At PMC surprisingly energetic bass; perhaps fans consider their powerful bass sound less convincing than that of larger competitors, but they share an amazing speed, flexibility and detail.

This is partly due to the construction of transmission lines – this kind of acoustic design is used by several manufacturers to improve the quality of the LF. Waves radiated midrange / woofer ago, are damped by the channel inside the housing. Along the way, the high frequency component of the sound is almost completely absorbed, so that the bottom of its release the front panel are emitted only the thick bass, providing support to increase the power dynamics of the LF.

The market is a system with more significant and ambitious sound, but the compact design of PMC and undemanding to place for many will be more attractive.

Twenty 23 serve as proof of the well-known thesis of “do not judge a book by its cover alone.” In this price range there are speakers with a spectacular appearance and a more impressive list of specifications; but those who are most important quality, these two-time Award exists to offer.

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