Outdoor Speakers DALI Zensor 5


Just to say that we like DALI Zensor 1, it would be too weak. Therefore, we were delighted at the prospect of exploring the floor of their senior counterparts.

Zensor 5 noticeably larger than their relatives shelf, but for floor-standing speakers is quite compact – only 84 cm in height. They look very stylish; but if you prefer to soften the black gloss finish, you can order a body of light walnut.

Immense sound small speakers

If you’re worried that the modest size Zensor 5 will limit their sound, your fears are unfounded: few competitors in this category can boast so dense and spacious sound stage. It extends further into the room and much wider on all sides than could have been anticipated, and speakers themselves did not attract attention.

The sound is different detail and dynamics; in different fragments of the soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis for the film “The Road” difference in pressure on the keys clearly discernible, and each note decays naturally.

In addition, they have the right tonal balance, a very decent bass depth and striking uniformity of sound at all frequencies, particularly low.

The only negative – the lack of impact strength and ability to capture the listener associated with problems in the rhythm, which is why the start of each note seems too energetic, and most insane song (eg, Cramm Three Trapped Tigers) lack organization.

5 Zensor definitely deserve a close acquaintance – but if you’re planning on buying a new pair of floor-standing speakers at the cost of about $ 1,000, wait for the next room with the group test.

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