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Penaudio Sinfonia (recently we wrote about the presentation of this AU) – top model lineup of speakers of Finnish company Penaudio. There are all distinctive features of the brand: a recognizable and strong design, perfectly sound design, and of course, the scale and clear sound that combines the depth of the acoustic landscape, clear, pristine breath of spring freshness, moderate vigor and distinctive male (in the spirit of the heroes of the Karelian-Finnish epic) temperament bass.

The Finnish company Penaudio relatively recently received a well-deserved recognition in the global market. Speakers Penaudio, of course, can not be called innovative – they realized the fundamental engineering solutions are simple and unsophisticated, like a bicycle. However, the hearts of music lovers the company won Penaudio particularly anxious attention to the selection of components, high quality limited-edition (almost exclusive) workman build a unique body design (collected from a thick and dense birch plywood), and, as a consequence, special, lively and rather liberated sound.

Having succeeded in the areas of design, production and sales of acoustic systems for small and medium-sized Sami Penttilä (Sami Penttilä), director and chief designer of the company Penaudio, decides to create a “really big speakers.” The draft has been invested all accumulated over the ten-year history Penaudio knowledge, skills and achievements – was born model Penaudio Sinfonia (“Symphony” in Finnish). This is a very ambitious speakers having a height of 178 cm (height Sami Penttilä) and a weight of 72 kg. Loudspeakers are designed to compete with other world-famous brands “heavyweight” and engineers Penaudio sure that Sinfonia really have much to offer the discerning music lover.

Penaudio Sinfonia retains the typical acoustics of the Finnish manufacturer appearance: narrow front and rear panels, wide sides, effectively damped enclosure with recognizable characteristic “striped” veneering. Loudspeaker cabinets are made from 19mm birch plywood (side panels) and 22 mm MDF (front, back, upper and lower panels).

Sinfonia has a 3.5-way design. The model is equipped with two 10-inch woofers Seas (placed on the side wall of the housing and voicing bass below 80 Hz), a pair of 6.5-inch midvuferov Seas Excel (one of whom is responsible for the frequency of 200 Hz and below, and the second for the range 200 to 4500 Hz) and tweeter Seas Crescendo. Internal wiring – Cable Jorma Design (traditional for Penaudio). Also involved in the design of high-quality silver terminals WBT 0705 Ag Nextgen. B / bass speakers, as well as woofers, placed in special sections separated by asymmetrical body that minimize internal resonances.

Traditionally, beautiful sound … and zavorazhitelen like pristine northern wilderness. Of course, the impressive scale of the soundstage. Inside the area of ​​30-40 square meters Sinfonia is able to create for you at all rather big miracle. Just as in the old Scandinavian fairy tales coexist and tiny gnomes and giant giants represented the AU has a truly symphonic breadth playing in both scale and the most delicate lace sonic textures. The sound of the piano is different deep transparency, “prochuvstvovaniyu” clarity – heard all the nuances of sound (whether temperamental keystrokes or gentle touch, or step back “glass” press). Voices string literally jets gently enveloping the audience. Hear every stroke of the bow, and every splash or pizzicato chord guitar wants uglyadet hidden in a small column of the living forest elf with a little magic lantern in his hand. Yes upper range slightly “highlighted”. With this sound symphonic works becoming a little more air, flying and easy. Voices of acoustic instruments and vocalists daring group Varttina (world-famous Finnish folk band) is very cheerful. Like Russian dolls, they have a little “souvenir” gloss, but clearly view the structure of “investment” spatial and timbral layers. Bass – the volume of thick, deep, filled to the brim with musical meaning, a little “froth” and drunk (like all famous drink) while, quite gentle and affectionate. There is no hint of aggression. On some recordings bass may seem little more than a hollow in those cases where it it would be appropriate to expect a greater focus and “sighting”. However, much depends on the location of the speakers, their orientation relative to the orientation of the listener and woofers outside or inside.

Penaudio Sinfonia:

Large (178 cm), 3.5 WAY SPEAKERS for large-scale installations
The flagship model in the product line of acoustics Penaudio
Loudspeakers Seas audiophile quality (tailor-made), the internal cabling Jorma Design, silver connectors WBT 0705 Ag Nextgen, aluminum tubes fazoinvertora
Body Material – special thick plywood from Finnish birch (19 mm / 22 mm)
The original design of the front surface – veneer cross-section of Finnish birch plywood.

Type: 3.5-way speaker system
Acoustic design: Bass reflex
Tweeter: Seas Crescendo 29 mm silk dome, magnetic system Hexadym
Mid / bass speaker: 2 x 160 mm Seas Excel, magnesium diffuser, copper voice coil, radially reinforced rubber surround
Woofer: 2 x 260 mm Seas, paper cone, four-layer voice coil
The frequency of the filter section 80, 200, 4500 Hz
Frequency response: 20 – 25,000 Hz (on site)
Sensitivity: 87 dB / m 1 / 2.83 B
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
Recommended amplifier: 50 W
Dimensions: 180 x 1780 x 540 mm
Weight: 72 kg (each speaker)
Color variants corporate veneer: Birch (birch), Cherry (Cherry Tree), Oak (oak), Black Ash (black ash), Walnut (Walnut) and Zebrano (Zebrano)
Pros: large-scale, deep, enveloping “symphonic” sound with a touch of “Finnish accent” (rather distinctive flavor light coloration of the upper and lower frequency range).

Cons: hard music styles, which requires clear and vigorous aimed concrete sounds a bit blurry and with little shade sonority.


Would you like to spacious fireplace room your country house filled with thick and fragrant sounds of live instruments, and the best minstrels and bards sang Europe for you in the evening gentle ballads of beautiful ladies, the saga of the valiant knights and daring folk songs? Deign to hear sensual piano sonatas and symphonies exposing the soul, inspiring empathy internal polyphony of the string? Penaudio Symphonia – speaker system able to give your home a massive and fabulous musical performance. The design of the speakers live in harmony aesthetic texture of natural wood with a modern “narrow profile” urban rigor and solidity. The flagship model lineup Penaudio has a strong, clear, large-scale sound. Light coloring of the upper and lower frequency allows the most advantageous to present the most exquisite dishes of traditional and classical European music cuisine.

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