Outdoor Speakers DALI Rubicon 5


Beautiful as always with DALI, was named the new line of speakers Rubicon. This word means a design limit beyond which return back is no longer possible. For audiophiles, this means a product that sets a new level of audio quality.

The new series Rubicon practically nothing new brought to the traditional design of columns DALI. Easily recognized strict rectangular body, brown cones and the hybrid tweeter.

For the Danish company DALI line Rubicon significant not only for its symbolic name, but also a certain amount of technology that summarizes the company’s long-term achievements. Tellingly, the initially expensive and technically complex solutions are reviewed, along the way to cheaper optimized useful qualities, and the resulting product becomes the most competitive in the world market of similar systems. On the same principle, some companies are building some of the budget of their rulers, constantly urging competitors. Rubicon columns to the public sector far. Rather, they represent the border between conditionally Hi-Fi- and High-End-solutions.

As it was already possible to guess, speakers Rubicon not created from “scratch”. Its technological part they have inherited from the flagship line Epicon, and the design is made on the model of the model Mentor Menuet. The main core of the new line is a Linear Drive System (linear mobile system) based on magneto-soft material (SMC) for the magnetic system. This finding DALI engineers successfully tested in columns Epicon, and now aims to significantly improve the sound quality models Rubicon.

Rubicon Model 5 is the youngest in the line of outdoor speakers. Her body is not only lower than the other floor models in this series, but smaller in width, in spite of the same size woofer. The design of the model-nimalistichen – no distracting details opinion. Nevertheless nice look a little curved front and rear wall of the housing. They create a sense of strong, inert body. And I must admit, even when the column at high volume deals with powerful bass, vibration body is negligible even on large and flat side walls. This means that the housing is fastened very thoroughly. Podium speaker is not provided. Instead, the bottom set of four small metal supports, which are screwed into standard spikes. All radiators Rubicon 5 as close as possible to each other, which helps to achieve a focused and fused with the most accurate sound localization. Reflex port is located on the rear of the cabinet. Corporate tviterny Hybrid module has been finalized. Dome tweeter got lighter voice coil. Ribbon tweeter provides a good supply of high-frequency (up to 34 kHz). A hybrid module is given tviterny 1.5 bar. Band midrange / woofer reproduces 165 mm speaker with a brand brown cone of wood fibers. Easy and hard, with irregular internal structure, it is rooted in a series of Epicon. Move easily and uniformly he helps new soft rubber surround low-loss line designed specifically for Rubicon. Particular attention is given to the magnetic core, next to which the voice coil moves. It is made of a magnetic material powder with a nonconductive coating. Thus eliminating the parasitic eddy currents cause third-order harmonics, thereby reducing distortion resulting audio signal. Copper cap with longitudinal slots, worn on the core, more accurately control the voice coil inductance. Sturdy aluminum frame provides rigidity and inertia dynamics and allows air to move freely for the diffuser. Reflex port is optimized to minimize air-flow and precise timing with the subwoofer. Two pairs of terminals at the firm carefully isolated caps allow easy use of any connection, including bi-wiring and bi-amping.

Beautiful as always with DALI, was named the new line of speakers Rubicon. This word means a design limit beyond which return back is no longer possible. For audiophiles, this means a product that sets a new level of audio quality.

Proprietary terminals DALI an insulation not only the handles, but even jumpers.

Speakers play a very collected, powerful, completely laying out in the most emotional moments. Despite this, the musical material is easy and transparent, without any stress. Low frequencies are legible and dense, tangible body directly. Columns are trying to transfer music thought to increased tone in the emotional direction. This is especially true in the volume above the average. In this case, less attention is paid to small, quiet parts. Upper case is very clean, airy, but a drop of harsh. Barely noticeable irregularities sensitivity on the upper midrange and upper bass. However, all these minor shortcomings are more than excellent overlap, dynamic bass feed. After all, as usual: we automatically try to increase the volume when we lack the basics of music (bass level), but along the way we increase the level of mid and high frequencies, which are beginning to put pressure on the ears, and balance with the bass still does not come. There is no such problem arises. Even at medium volume level and the density of the bass is so palpable that there is no desire to raise the volume. Maybe someone would think that low-frequency model excessively bulging. However, we have that feeling no more, because the bass is not detached from the main theme song, and harmoniously complements and weighing it. Moreover, acoustic bass speaker music almost non-existent. Most of all, and in all its glory it manifests itself in contemporary electronic music. To this end, it has all the speed, weight, depth, clarity. However, at high volume intelligibility is somewhat reduced. On the other hand, the model is very detailed and balanced playing at low volume. Quiet Ambient-composition transferred in every detail and beautifully proportioned. Column left only positive feelings and desire pereslushat your music collection once again with “real” bass. Here are just recorded with mediocre quality compositions do not sound as we would like. The difference in quality of musical material in these columns felt good.

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